Common Slip Sites

Common Slip Causes

Wet Floors

Excess Debris

Oil and Grease

Poor Maintenance

Floor Cracks

Faulty Construction

Overcrowded Spaces

Lack of Warnings

Learn How Slip and Fall Accidents Occur

Who is Liable for Injuries Caused by Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents can be devastating and could happen at any workplace or public space. Legally, injuries suffered from slipping (or tripping) and falling are known as premises liability claims, which are personal injury claims based on someone slipping or falling on property maintained by someone who ultimately may be liable for the individual suffering harm. Determination of liability varies by the type of location and ownership of the site of the accident.

Commercial Establishments

In a commercial property setting, such as a restaurant or grocery store, a business owner or landlord's liability occurs when they are aware of dangerous hazards yet do nothing to repair or remove potential injury risks. Slippery surfaces, loose carpeting, and uneven flooring are just a few of the many potential hazards that could cause a slip and fall at a business.

Residential Properties

In addition to a commercial setting, a residential location's owner/landlord can be liable for an injury to a third party. A landlord is responsible for any injuries sustained when aware of a condition needing repair and failing to correct the hazard. Knowing of a potential danger and not reporting it to the tenant or knowing that a severe injury can occur if a condition is in disrepair are prime examples of negligence and grounds for liability.

Government Property Locations

Government establishments have special rules regarding slip and fall accidents. Liability claims in government locations are complex due to broad immunities and stringent notice requirements. It can be challenging and cause a denial if a claim does not follow specific rules according to state, local, or federal laws, so having an injury attorney review the situation after harm is the best way to address the case efficiently.

There Are Time Limits

A slip and fall accident can arise from many different circumstances. The time limits for bringing a case to court are strict. If the injured person does not bring suit within the proper time frame, he or she cannot recover any compensation.